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Professional Class Program

Professional Course

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Formative Psychology is a contemporary body-oriented approach created by Stanley Keleman in California in the 1970s in the context of the humanist movement. Stanley Keleman developed his work in the Center For Energetic Studies in Berkeley, California…

Advanced Professional Course

This program aims to deepen the studies in Formative Psychology© and the personal experience with the formative work to consolidate the theoretical and methodological work of Stanley Keleman. This is intended for professionals who aim to continue their studies in a more advanced stage. To take part in this program…

Interviews with Stanley Keleman

Interviews with Stanley Keleman were conducted by Leila Conh and are fully available on VIMEO ON DEMAND

Formative Talks

A series of conversations and brief talks about daily life situations through the perspective of Formative Psychology ®

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Articles written by Stanley Keleman, Leila Cohn and other membembers Formative Community.