Study Group in Formative Psychology

Study Group in Formative Psychology®


with Leila Cohn

International Study and Discussion Group

Program taught in English

This program offers an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Formative Psychology®.  Attendees will read and view selected materials from Stanley Keleman’s work, followed by a lively and in-depth conversation led by Leila Cohn, who has been teaching and practicing Formative Psychology for 32 years.

The class is organized to develop a personal understanding of Keleman’s vision and formative concepts.  It is not intended to be a training or certificate program.

The group is open to people interested in learning or deepening their knowledge about the training process.

Registration is limited and by registration.

Hours: Wednesday 1pm to 2:30pm BST

Dates: 03/29, 04/26, 05/24, 06/21, 07/19, 08/23, 09/06, 10/25, 11/29

VALUE: US$ 90 (each 3 meetings)

For more information, send an email to Leila Cohn or send a WhatsApp to (5521) 97431-2789.  Please include a brief description of your background and your interest in Formative Psychology®.  A brief interview will be scheduled.



29/03, 26/04, 24/05, 21/06, 19/07, 23/08, 06/09, 25/10, 29/11


Wednesday 1pm to 2.30pm BST


$90 (every 3 dates)