Family and Body Workshop: Myths embodied and stories told

Formative Psychology® Workshops

Family and Body: Myths embodied and stories told

Dates: 09/22 – 09/23

Value: BRL 850.00

“The story you tell is the story you live” – Stanley Keleman

Families create stories about their members.  These stories are incorporated and repeated throughout life, even when they do not correspond to our personal experience.  We embody somatic narratives and myths and continue to play roles formed in family life and tell the stories learned about us, even if we have already created different situations.  We’ve grown up, reorganized ourselves, overcome difficulties and want other things, but we keep telling stories of difficulties, impossibilities, or limitations.  In these meetings, we will explore the body postures of the stories we tell about ourselves, and learn to re-embody attitudes and recreate narratives, in order to form a more current and satisfying personal life.

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Sexta-feira e Sábado 10:00 às 13:00h


R$ 850,00