Workshop | Forming Your Future: Personal Time

November 26th and 27th     

Friday and Saturday 10am to 1pm

R$ 800,00  

Cortical Voluntary Muscular Effort triggers a series of anatomical and psychological events that transform somatic structure, experience and intention; the exercise practice forms malleability and enables voluntary self-influence, from which new perceptions, narratives and behaviors are developed. This is the formative dimension”  Stanley Keleman

In this workshop we will work with voluntary muscular effort (VME) to deepen our relationship with our multidimensional reality and learn how to influence habitual ways of using ourselves and relating to personal and social time. We will work with the formative practice exercises to form distinct gradations in action, feeling and thinking patterns, and learn about how we manage our time. We will learn how to influence ourselves to form personal time and actively participate in the forming of our future.


Nov 26 2021 - Nov 27 2021


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