Emotional Anatomy Group: Theory and Practice

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New Group – Emotional Anatomy: Theory and Practice

Hours: Friday from 10:30 am to 12:50 pm

Dates: 03/24 04/14 06/02 07/28 08/18 09/01 11/10

Value: BRL 190

Taught by: Leila Cohn

The meetings aim to deepen knowledge about the four Somatic Structures described in the book “Emotional Anatomy” by Stanley Keleman.  The meetings will include a theoretical discussion and the experience of embodying the four structures through formative practice with voluntary muscular effort, as conceived by the author.

We will work with the film “Emotional Anatomy” produced by Keleman in 2013, and we will learn about the evolution of the somatic language initially used in the 1985 book. inseparable between structure and function, action, emotion and thought.

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