International Study Group – Conversations in Formative Psychology®

Conversations in Formative Psychology® with Leila Cohn

Wednesdays 1-2:30pm BRT
Dates: March 16, April 13, May 11, June 1, July 27, August 24, September 21, October 19, November 16, December 7

Tuition: $ 90.00 USD / Class

International Study and Discussion Group
Program taught in English

This program offers an opportunity for learning the fundamentals of Formative Psychology®. Participants will read and view select materials from the work of Stanley Keleman followed by lively and in-depth conversation coordinated by Leila Cohn, who has been teaching and practicing Formative Psychology for 27 years.

The class is organized to develop a personal understanding of Keleman’s Formative vision and concepts. It is not intended to be a training or certificate program. The group is open to people interested in learning or deepening their knowledge about the formative process.

Enrollment is limited and by application only.

For further information e-mail Leila Cohn at or send a
WhatsApp to +55 (21) 97431-2789.

Please include a brief description of your background and your interest in Formative Psychology®.

A brief interview will be scheduled.

Leila Cohn, M.A. is a licensed psychologist in Brazil. She is the founder and director of Centro de Psicologia Formativa® do Brasil (Formative Psychology® Center), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she teaches Formative Psychology® to the general public, coordinates a professional program, and maintains a private practice. She studied with Stanley Keleman during the last 30 years of his life, learning Formative Psychology® directly from him, including extensive clinical instruction and supervision. Together, they created the project “Interviews with Stanley Keleman” from 2012 to 2018. Leila is a member of the International Formative Psychology Professional Team and publishes internationally in Portuguese and English

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jun 01 2022


USD 90,00
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